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Sevylor Ottawa Inflatable Kayak - 2 + 1 Person - In Stock - 2019 Model

This is the top in the range from Sevylor and our sales back this up. A pedigree kayak with high tubes means it moves through and sits on the water well. The new style seating is a great improvement and means your derriere will keep of the floor, which means you aren't pushing the floor so much which keeps for a flatter bottom. 

The Ottawa inflatable kayak is designed for all kinds of water, with its long ultra streamlined shape and directional stability.

In addition to its performance, Ottawa kayak also offers premium comfort due to a new seat construction and built-in storage options. The new Dry-N-Store Carry Bag makes it portable and convenient to pack-away and store
Sevy-Spension is a patented, unique seating system that makes paddling the kayak easier and more efficient. By suspending the seat and the paddler above the floor of the kayak there is a significant reduction in deformation of the hull resulting in a smooth, flat shape and creating less resistance in the water. The Sevy-Spension seating system results in 15% less resistance when paddling.
In addition, for any backsplash that may result in your paddling, the suspended seating will keep you dry throughout your journey.
The seat adjustment webbing, that runs the length of the kayak, can also be used to secure your belongings and keep them dry.
Heavy duty tarpaulin is remarkably robust, lightweight and water resistant material that protects the bottom of the kayak from abrasion and damage.
Sevy-Strong™ Tarpaulin is up to 18% thicker and has been generously extended well above the waterline, covering 28% more surface area of the kayak compared to competitor models.
Practical floor guide to help determine where your seat should be positioned for greatest comfort and correct usage.
Multi-functional carry handle and/or a paddle holder so you can relax hands free.
Key Features
  • Wide shape offering excellent stability
  • Boston, Mini Boston and Mini Double Lock valves for easy inflation and deflation
  • Easy Inflation Manometer: check pressure easily during inflation
  • Highly effective drainage system
  • 2 fabric covered seats with adjustable backrest, taller base, added storage and innovative webbing suspension
  • Removable seats - easily turn the kayak into a 3 or 2-person boat
  • Removable 4` slide-in fin and welded directional strake for excellent maneuverability
  • Bungee chords for storage in front
  • Center D-Rings and Rear D-Rings & Net for additional storage
  • New molded handles on side including double function as paddle holders
  • Included: Dry-N-Store carry bag, Easy Inflation Manometer, removable fin, repair kit, owners manual
Dimensions & Weights
  • Length: 3.83m
  • Width: 92cm
  • Weight: 20.1kg
  • Packed Dimensions: 77 x 50 x 25cm
Whats in the Box
  • Ottawa Kayak
  • Carry Bag
  • Skeg
  • Pressure Gauge
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