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Cobra MT 646 Walkie Talkie

The Cobra MT645 licence free two-way radios are compact and rechargeable.

The user-friendly design makes the MT645 easy to use and the VOX (hands free voice operation) allows you to communicate while undertaking other activities that require use of both hands.

When used in ideal conditions the two-way signal can operate over a range of up to 8 km coverage, and since they are license-free there are no ongoing call charges. Unique circuitry extends battery life when not transmitting or receiving, making the most out of a full charge.

The scan button allows you to easily search through channels and locate any conversations that are in progress.

The MT645 walkie talkie comes supplied with 3 x AA NiMH batteries per radio, which are easily recharged via the included mirco-USB charging cable. The cable features a split end with two mirco USB adaptors so that both radios can be charged at the same time.

With up to 968 privacy combinations from the 8 channels and 121 privacy codes, there's no need to worry about your frequency being overloaded, as there's plenty to choose from.

The handsets also come with belt-clips so that you can transport them easily whilst on the move.

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