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Cobra HH125 Handheld VHF Marine Radio

Compact splashproof handheld VHF radio with 1 or 3 watts output.Uses 5 x 850mah AAA rechargable batteries, you can also use standard alkaline batteries. Pre-programmed with UK mi/m2 channels. Supplied with mains charger, belt clip, wrist strap. Ideal for keeping in touch with the children if they are in a smaller craft or near the water. (peace of mind)

Key Features / Techy Bits

  • 1 or 3 : Dual Output power for short and long communication
  • Channels : Full International, USA & Canada channels
  • Instant Channel 16 : Instant Access to Channel 16.
  • Scan : Scan all Channels to find conversation in progress
  • Signal Strength Meter : Shows Signal Strength both Incoming & Outgoing.
  • Button/Key Lock : Locks Function button to eliminate accidental change of settings.
  • Illuminated LCD Display and Keys : Allows High Visibility of Display and Keys at Night.
  • Speaker/Microphone Jack : Allows connection of Hands-Free Accessories.( Single Pin Connection)
  • Waterproof : Waterproof to JIS4 Standards : Splashproof not Waterproof.

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