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Actisense PRO-BUF-1 Professional NMEA 0183 Intelligent Buffer (screwless)

Adaptable NMEA 0183 Buffer with a variety of operating modes. Provides two OPTO-isolated inputs and twelve ISO-Drive™ outputs, keeping devices safe from hazardous ground loops.

PRO-BUF-1 is reliable, robust and provides isolation on all inputs and outputs as standard. With two NMEA 0183 inputs, twelve NMEA 0183 outputs, a bi-directional serial port and an Ethernet port, the PRO-BUF-1 is a perfect solution for larger leisure vessels and commercial shipping.

The PRO-BUF-1 is designed to suit the majority of NMEA 0183 systems and ready to go ‘out of the box’ by simply hard-wiring the two mode inputs as required. The manually configurable basic modes of operation include variations of buffer modes, auto switch modes, and combine modes.

For all other configurations, leaving the mode inputs floating selects the ‘User Configuration Mode’. The web browser based configuration tool allows full customisation of the PRO-BUF-1, and is compatible across all popular Operating Systems. The PRO-BUF-1 supports a direct Ethernet connection to a PC without the need for a specialised Ethernet crossover cable.

To make installation quick and simple the PRO-BUF-1 features 2-part pluggable connectors that allow use of screw or screwless terminals, and a professional DIN rail mounting mechanism (DIN rail included).

Helpful LEDs indicate power, data in, data out and the alarm status to aid diagnostics.

Key Features

  • Four pre-defined modes of operation.
  • ‘User Configuration Mode’.
  • Diagnostic LEDs (power, data in/out & alarm).
  • Designed for 12 and 24 Volt supply.
  • Pluggable connector system supports both screw and screwless terminals.
  • Isolation to battery supply.
  • Browser based configuration tool.
  • Automatic baud rate matching on inputs.
  • Independently configurable outputs.
  • ‘Future proof’ easily upgraded firmware.

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