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Alfatronix IC Series 12v 17 Amp Charger

The IC Series Intelligent Battery Chargers offer an ideal way of charging any type of lead acid battery safely and reliably. The rugged, fully protected unit (IP65) can be used in a variety of applications including on trucks, off road vehicles, boats, caravans and in depots and workshops.
The Alfatronix IC Series is suitable for all types of lead acid batteries. Charging is through a 3 stage system. The first stage is the bulk charging phase. This state is indicated when the yellow LED is illuminated and continues through to stage 2 of the process. When the current is below 10% of the maximum output, the charger automatically adjusts to reduce the output voltage to reliably top up the battery. At this stage the green LED is illuminated indicating that the battery is fully charged. Should the voltage level fall below the nominal values during the maintenance stage, the charger will go back to step one and repeat the process. nput voltage Range 180Vac – 270Vac (reduced output below 170Vac) Input over voltage 285Vac Output voltage (12V units) 13.5Vdc – 14.5Vdc according to charge cycle (STD 14.4) Output voltage (24V units) 26.8Vdc – 29.0Vdc according to charge cycle (STD 28.8) Power conversion efficiency Typically 88-91% Off load current <2mA Operating temperature -30ºC - +55ºC Storage temperature -55ºC - +85ºC Casework Anodised aluminium, dust, water and impact protected to IP65 Connections Input - IEC lead, Output – Flying lead Output indicators Yellow and green LEDs according to cycle Mounting method By 4 screws Safe area protection: Over current Yes, current limited to maximum ratings each model Over heat Yes, internal control to reduce output in over temperature situations Transients Yes, protection both on input and output Wrong polarity protection Yes, with fuse on output Approvals EN 55022B, EN 61000, EN 335-2-29 Markings CE and e marked

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