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Blakes Parafin Heater - Brass or Stainless Steel

Looking for that warm glow during those Cold Winter Nights, Well why not fit a Taylors Heater. With its own supplied 1.5 Gallon Tank and a very frugal 1/3rd pint an hour fuel consumption, what could be nicer

Extend your season and get more out of your boat with a superbly crafted classic Taylors Heater"
The paraffin (Kerosene) version of this much loved heater is fuelled from its own pump pressurised supply tank. The burner, accessed from the front opening door, is self cleaning and self pricking, and like all Taylors burners, extremely reliable. This model provides a dry heat, thus reducing condensation.
Key Features

  • Made of robust, high-quality materials
  • 2.1 kw output
  • Front opening door gives access for maintenance or adjustment
  • Supplied with a 1.5 gallon tank, a safety on/off fuel control valve, in-line fuel filter, pipe work and fittings for installation
  • Externally vented and bulkhead mounted
  • Through-deck fitting flue sections also supplied
  • Available in a brass or a stainless steel finish.

To run both a heater and a cooker from the same tank, you will need: CTK2405 Fuel line equal "T" 3/16" connection.


  • Blakes Parafin Heater Brass
  • Blakes Parafin Heater Stainless Steel

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