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Cobb Stainless Steel Premier Barbecue with Carry Bag

The Cobb Barbecue is perhaps the ultimate outdoor cooking system, and certainly much more than "just a barbecue"... IT DOESN'T SMOKE - the food is isolated from the charcoal, so fat does not drip onto it. 
IT CAN BE USED AS A CHARCOAL OVEN - delicious pizza in 15 minutes! 
IT REMAINS COOL TO THE TOUCH ON THE OUTSIDE - so it can be used on a table, or even a wooden deck, without causing any damage. 
IT ONLY NEEDS SIX BRIQUETTES to cook for up to 3.5 hours (ultra-efficient combustion control gives maximum heat from minimum fuel). Or use our Cobblestones for up to 2 hours cooking from just one Cobblestone.
IT IS SUPERBLY EASY TO CLEAN AND LONG-LASTING - all metal parts are stainless steel. Comes with a carrying/storage bag.
Measures 13" tall, 12" diameter.

What the Press say 
SUNDAY TIMES Travel Section Good Gear Guide said "The ingenious design of Cobb's barbie means that while it's roasting on the inside, the outer shell stays cools enough to carry. So once you've finished your impromptu beach braai, you don't have to wait hours to get the thing back to the car". 

The Cobb Barbecue is also reviewed in CANAL BOAT and INLAND WATERWAYS: "You can bake, smoke, roast, grill or steam food on this. It is designed so that fat runs away from the food and into the flavour well. It can be used on or off the boat".

"In December 2001, Time Magazine featured the Cobb as one of the best inventions of that year. This was a major turning point for what had started out as an obvious idea to an environmentalist in Africa several years earlier. The developers idea was to encourage native Africans to use corncobs as fuel for cooking, rather than wood or coal. He devised a simple clay pot stove with a steel mesh grill that Africans could easily make and fuel with their abundant supply of corncobs. The idea took hold and resulted in the development of the Eco Cobb, an inexpensive, all metal stove that could be distributed in aid programmes in third world countries globally. Cobbs commitment to a continual improvement program has resulted in the worldly acclaimed product we see today which is available with several accessories."

Stainless, or Inox, Steel is famed for its ability to resist corrosion and oxidisation, making it supremely suitable for outdoor or marine applications where items need to maintain their function or gleaming appearance in a harsh environment.

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