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CTEK D250S Dual Alternator Charge Booster

A new way of charging your batteries using the alternator. The new onboard charge booster that is powered from the alternator and, if attached, from solar/wind power it will not only charge leisure batteries but also condition and extend their life.

Key Features

  • Boosts alternator voltage whilst monitoring battery
  • Solar/wind power regulator and voltage manager
  • Up to 20A charging capacity
  • Easy to install

 What the D250S Dual Does

Traditional alternators cut back on the charge voltage as soon as the battery voltage begins to rise. This means that the battery takes longer than necessary to charge and is unlikely to come up to more than 80% of capacity. The D250S Dual produces the optimal 14.4V charging voltage even if the alternator only produces 14V and, unlike an alternator, monitors the voltage/current/temperature to ensure the battery is charging safely and optimally.The D250S DUAL provides a fully automatic 5-stage charger to condition, charge and maintain the leisure battery, increasing performance, extending its life span and, saving user money on unnecessary battery replacement. With around 80% of all battery failures due to sulphation caused by undercharging, a direct result of lack of care and maintenance, the D250S removes lead-sulphate from the plates using its patented desulphation mode before delivering up to 20 amps of controlled charge to 12V batteries of 40-300Ah. The charger is IP65 classified for outdoor use, protects vehicle electronics and is suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, Gel, AGM). It is supplied with a 2 year guarantee. Easy to install supplied with instructions.

 Techy Bits

  • Output voltage :14.4V at 25°C
  • Charging Current : 20A
  • Charger Type : Fully automatic 5-stage charger
  • Batteries : Suitable for all types of 12V lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, AGM and GEL). 40 - 300Ah
  • Battery Size : 40 - 300Ah
  • Dimensions : Length 192mm, Width 110mm, Depth 65mm.
  • Weight : 0.73kg

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