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CTEK M45 3.6A Battery Charger

A mains powered 12V Battery Charger. The M45 (3.6Amps, 12V) is designed for marine use with 8.4 mm eyelets as opposed to 6.4mm eyelets. Switch between charging your jet ski, car or boat. The built in cold weather mode makes it perfect for flat batteries in the winter. The M45 can even charge Gel and AGM batteries where conventional transformer charges cannot.

Key Features

  • 6 Amps 12V
  • 4 Stage charger
  • Eyelet and clamp leads
  • Three charge mode for small/larger/AGM batteries
  • Charges batteries between 1.2–75Ah and maintenance up to 120 Ah
  • Charges a 60Ah battery in 15 hours
  • IP65 splash and dust proof
  • 5 year warranty

CTEK chargers are the 21st Century answer to battery charging. Instead of simply throwing huge amounts of power at the problem causing overheating and gassing, they use the same switch mode technology as PCs to revive and maintain sensitive batteries. This means you do not have to disconnect the power pack from the boat before charging. Simply slip on the clips, plug in and away you go – there’s no sparks and if you get them the wrong way round, the only result is a tiny warning light going on. As CTEK chargers work intelligently they can be connected for months, only charging the battery when necessary.


Outdoor Use

All CTEK chargers are approved IP65 or IP44 so you can charge outdoors.  All come with leads which can be bolted to batteries.

Intelligent Multi Stage Charging

All CTEK units start with a desulphation mode to kick start the drained power pack back into life

which is part of a programme to revive and maintain the battery at its optimum level. The programme also deals with stratification where the acid weight is greater at the bottom than the top caused by batteries that have been flattened two or three times.


4 Stage Charging

✔ Desulphating - revives desulphated batteries

 ✔ Bulk charge – maximum current

✔ Absorption – current adaption ensures complete charge

✔ Pulse – maintain battery on charge by pulse charging only when voltage drops

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