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Exposure XS-Navigation Emergency Light Pack

A Red, Green and White Exposure XS torch with stanchion mounts and charger.
The XS Emergency light pack offers a set of 3 high powered, compact, waterproof torches in white, green and red. These rechargeable torches can combine with a light diffuser to create all around lanterns.
The quick mount brackets make them ideal for use in small craft, inflatabl
es etc or as emergency lights on larger vessels. Visible from 3 nautical miles, with a run time duration of 6 hours on high and 60 hours on low
Key Features
  • All 3 lights are usable individually as ultra-versatile LED micro torches
  • The 3 colours offer a high level of visibility to other vessels in an emergency situation
  • Visible from 3 nautical miles away
  • Burn duration 6 hours on high and 60 hours on low
  • The supplied batteries are rechargeable via the USB charger offering global compatibility and saving money on future battery purchases
  • Disposable CR123 batteries, available globally, can be used in place of supplied RCR123 batteries
  • The included light diffusers can be added to create all-around lanterns for increased visibility and illuminating a large area
  • Quick Release Stanchion / handle bar mounts enabling positioning throughout the boat both internally and externally
  • The quick mount stanchion brackets are also compatible with bicycle handle bars and seat posts creating a front white light and a red rear light
  • Set enclosed in a storage case for ease of location and safe storage
  • Lumens : White 50, Red 21, Green 20
  • Charge time 4 hours

Whats in the Box

1 x XS, 1 x XS-R, 1 x XS-G torch, 3 x stanchion/bar mounts, QR reflective lanyard, 3 x diffuser/beacon, USB CR123 charger, 3 x CR123 Rechargeable batteries

Dimensions & Weights

  • Length 49mm Width 22mm
  • Weight 33g

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Category: emergency, mob, safety

Type: emergency lights

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