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Frigoboat PFMV KIT Multivoltage Upgrade Must be ordered with initial order

Optional Upgrade available for all 12v or 24v fridges, freezers or compressors using Danfoss BD35 or BD50 compressors. 

Allows you to run your fridge directly from a mains AC supply as well as the 12/24 volt DC.  If the controller senses AC power it will run from AC power.  When the AC power is not available it will automatically switch to the DC circuit (if available). 

We will supply an E52530 (Danfopss 101N0500 12/24V 110/240V 50/60Hz multivoltage controller) in lieu of standard E50895 (Danfoss 101N0210 standard 12/24V controller)

If you are looking to retrofit a multivoltage controller to an existing fridge we cannot exchange your existing 12/24V controller and you will need to either buy the complete E52530 or the POWER 200 - 

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