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Fusion RA205 Bundle with Unidock / BT100 Bluetooth / RA200MP

Fusion RA205 Bundle consisting of the RA205 Stereo system, the revolutionary UNI-Dock, BT100 Bluetooth audio module and the RA200MP mounting plate.

The world's most advanced compact marine stereo, the MS-RA205 with FUSION-Link & NMEA 2000 connectivity delivers powerful, clear and dynamic sound, all encased in a chassis which measures a mere 93mm - 3-5/8? in depth. Powered by the advanced ARM-9 Processor, the MS-RA205 offers quick and intuitive audio control. Fusion?s iPod interface allows navigation of the iPod menu structure and offers selection of songs by artist, song, playlist, album, genre or composer. The RA205 can also act as a VHF receiver with adjustable squelch, channel scan and user pre-sets. Multi-Zone Technology allows you to adjust the volume and balance level in two separate zones onboard your vessel. Zones are nameable for added convenience (e.g. Zone 1 can be named 'Helm"). For localised zone control, install up to two MS-NRX200i wired remote controls. In instances when the MS-NRX200i is installed onto a NMEA 2000 network the remote can be configured to display user selectable data from other NMEA 2000 products connected to the same network*** (e.g. Depth or Speed over water) 

The revolutionary UNI-Dock supports the widest array of smart phones, media players and USB devices on the market. When set-up with FUSION?s innovative MS-RA205, the new UNI-Dock allows users to enjoy on-the-water entertainment from an extensive range of Apple and supported MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) enabled Android and Windows smartphones. Three adaptor cables are included with the UNI-Dock (1xUSB - Apple 30Pin, 1xUSB - Apple Lightning, 1xUSB - MicroUSB) for convenient connection to the widest range of supported devices. Not only is FUSION?s UNI-Dock more versatile, it also has the ?True Marine? stamp, meaning it?s designed and tested especially for harsh marine environments, rated IPx5 Water resistant (on the front when correctly bulkhead mounted). The UNI-Dock features a generous tray size to protect and charge a variety of devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5, with more products gaining compatibility constantly. 

The MS-BT100 marine grade Bluetooth audio module is certified IP65 water resistant and tested for the marine environment, the MS-BT100 will connect to any FUSION Marine stereo featuring an Auxiliary input allowing for instant streaming from a compatible device. What separates the MS-BT100 apart from other Bluetooth modules is the integrated marine voltage protection, which is engineered specifically to manage fluctuating current or voltage spikes. This added protection ensures no disruption to your listening pleasure. The MS-BT100 module streams audio from any A2DP Bluetooth capable Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry or other device directly to the connected FUSION marine stereo. Featuring Direct Media Device Control - allowing you to quickly and easily select tracks, album, artist or playlist from your device while you're on the go around your vessel. With an effective range (in a straight line) of 10 Mtrs (33ft), you can enjoy seamless streaming of your favourite audio tracks without having to return to the stereo to change tracks. 

Mount the MS-RA200 marine stereo into an existing DIN sized hole with the addition of the MS-RA200MP mounting plate. Once the plate is mounted over the existing hole the MS-RA200 will fit into place with ease.


  • Bundle with RA205 Stereo system, the revolutionary UNI-Dock, BT100 Bluetooth audio module and the RA200MP mounting plate
  • AM/FM/VHF/USB/iPod/iPhone/MTP/Bluetooth*AUX
  • NMEA 2000 Certified
  • Fusion-Link Enabled
  • Multi-Zone Technology
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming(with supplied MS-BT100)
  • IPx5 Water resistant standards on the front of the unit (when correctly bulk head mounted)
  • Intuitive & easy to use User interface and recessed backlit keypad is large enough to view & operate in the roughest conditions.

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