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Kim Pick Up Sail

This modern design has been constructed to allow fast and effective deployment when assisting a crew member who is either unconscious or too weak to pull themselves aboard. The KIM Pick Up Sail consists of a lifting strop, triangular sail cloth scoop and tensioning belt, allowing a casualty to be winched onboard to safety.

The KIM MOB Recovery Pick Up Sail consists of a combination lifting strop, a triangular sail-cloth scoop and a tensioning belt which can be quickly fitted to the toe rail or stanchion bases on most vessels. The casualty is floated on their back into the submerged scoop and they can then be lifted clear of the water by attaching a halyard to the lifting strop and winding away on a winch.

Max. permissible Freeboard height (deck edge to waterline) is approx. 2.1m.

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