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Morco Primo 11 Litre Water Heater

The new Morco Primo 11 Litre water heater is designed to replace the G11E. The flue diameter is the same although the flu is now 9mm further forward than the G11E. The MP11 has a piezo ignition and is not available with an electronic ignition. The MPFK fitting/conversion kit will be required in order to fit the water heater in all circumstances

Technical Specification

  • Nominal Power Usage(Pn): 19,0 - 16.340 kW-kcal/h
  • Nominal Thermal Range(Qn): 21 - 18.748 kW-kcal/h
  • Minimal Power Usage(Pm): 7,5 - 6.424- kW-kcal/h
  • Minimal Thermal Range(Qm): 9,0- 7.740 kW-kcal/h
  • Height: 592mm
  • Length: 314mm
  • Depth: 245mm
  • Weight: 10.6 kg 

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