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Palm Caffe Cup - 4 Colours

It  honours Café culture with its beautiful and tactile design that is appropriate, distinctive and compelling.

Key Features

  • Natural drinking action – the amazing lid allows the coffee to flow as it would from an open cup.
  • No more drinking from a spout, or a nasty hole
  • Appreciate the Full Aroma of coffee as it can escape – not be trapped inside
  • The opening is wide enough to allow soup to flow
  • The lid clicks to open and clicks to close with a simple push. It is leak-proof.
  • Appreciate the Full Flavour of coffee – No tainted or absorbent materials are used. Seals are bonded so there are no debris traps.
  • The high density cap material has a ceramic-like mouth feel – no more soft materials.
  • The cap and lid click apart for complete cleaning – no more build-up of odours
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It is and microwave safe – so coffee can be re-heated
  • It has a non-slip base
  • It is stable with a low centre of gravity – no more tall unstable shapes

The Patent Pending triple walled cup is 30% shorter than a typical double-walled cup so it fits espresso machines as well car cup holders. It will keep your coffee hot for at least twice as long as an open cup.

The lid and cap are made from DuPont Sorona which contains 37% renewably sourced material. The body is made from Tritan and a specially developed insulating material. All are BPA-free and 100% recyclable.

The materials used and its robust design will give it a long life.

It can replace many 1000’s of disposable cups – so it is not only beautiful and user-friendly, it makes a direct impact on the environment.

The Caffe Cup’s robustness and stability also make it perfect for marine and outdoors.


  • Palm Caffe Orange
  • Palm Caffe Purple
  • Palm Caffe Vivid Blue
  • Palm Caffe Black 

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