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Rutland 504 Windcharger 12V

Flat battery issues not with the Rutland 504, keeping your batteries topped up throughout the season.  Rutland Windchargers simply convert the free and abundant power in the wind to power stored in your batteries. The 12V power is ready to use for engine starting, lights, coolers, essential navigation equipment and other low energy appliances. With a Rutland 504 installed on board weekend sailors will experience the convenience of fully charged batteries for engine starting.

The Rutland 504 features new aerodynamic styling. • A sharper nose dome to improve the flow of wind to the turbine • A longer tail fin to improve the orientation of the turbine to wind and maintain stability. • Higher grade body and nose material with improved UV stability and durability.

Key Features

  • Cut in Windspeed : 3m/s
  • Output Voltages Available 12v
  • Power / Current Ratings : 5m/s 10 knots : 3W (0.2A), 11m/s 21knots : 29W (2.1A), 15m/s (3.4A)
  • Packed Weight & Dimensions : 6kg 550 x 550 x 260mm
  • Generator Type : Low friction 3 phase, brushless 
  • Yaw Rotation : Slipring for 360 free rotation. low brush wear
  • Governing Devices : None
  • Turbine Diameter : 510mm
  • Turning Radius : 304mm
  • Net Weight : 3.5kg


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