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Rutland 914i Windcharger

The name on everybody's tongue for Windchargers and after the success of the 913i having had one myself, along comes the Rutland 914i which has rapidly become the number one windcharger in this sector. Its 30% increased generating capacity, from the same diameter turbine, is achieved through advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) electronics delivering even more energy from the wind. Ideal for liveaboard and weekend yachting, boats from 10m. 

Key Features

  • Cut in Windspeed3 m/s
  • Output Voltages Available (Nominal)12V24V
  • Power / Current
  • Ratings: 5m/s 10knots 24W(1.7A)24W(0.8)11m/s  
  • 21knots143W(10.3A)143W(5.1A)15m/s   29knots 262W(18.9A)262W(9.4A)
  • Packed Weight & Dimensions13.1kg 370 x 300 x 450mm
  • Generator Type : Low friction 3 phase, brushless
  • Yaw Rotation : Slipring for 360 free rotation. low brush wear
  • Governing Devices : None
  • Turbine Diameter : 910mm
  • Turning Radius : 304mm
  • Net Weight : 3.5kg


  • Rutland 914i 12v
  • Rutland 914i 24v

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