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Rutland HRS 503/504 12V Regulator

The HRS Charge Controller was the first Marlec regulator to incorporate electronic Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to regulate battery voltage to prevent overcharge.  This generation of voltage regulation saw the end of the need for bulky heat sinks to dissipate excess energy generated by the windcharger and, more importantly for the lifetime of the windcharger, introduced speed limiting to the turbine when the battery is full.

Key Features

  • The PWM electronic charge regulator tapers charge to the battery by gradually limiting windcharger current to avoid battery overcharg
  • When regulating the Windcharger turbine speed is gradually reduced until finally running at just a slow “idle”
  • As fully charged batteries are more likely to occur in high winds this slow mode of operation is safer and reduces wear
  • A solar panel with a maximum rating up to 100W may be connected in parallel with the windcharger.
  • Note that a blocking diode must be fitted to the solar panel to prevent it from drawing current from the windcharger
  • Built-in blocking diode protects the HRS and Windcharger from other charge sources to the same battery, eg engine charging
  • The HRS regulator can charge a single bank of batteries in parallel
  • 2 Tri-colour LED’s indicate,
  • Approximate level of battery voltage between 11-14V  and 2) charging status – either charging, regulating or both charging and regulating
  • Regulating cut-in voltage 13.8V, Maximum charge voltage 14.4V (+/- 2%)
  • Simple wired connection via 3 flying leads
  • Net Weight: 0.12Kg Packed Weight: 0.2Kg
  • Carton Dimensions:160x110x60mm

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