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SMS-Envirotxt UK Version

Envirotxt sends a text message alert if the mains power is lost (e.g. a power cut) and when power is restored Envirotxt sends a text message alert when a pre-set temperature is reached (e.g. if you set the temperature at 3-20 degrees Envirotxt will send a text message alert if the temperature drops below 3 degrees or goes above 20 degrees). Envirotxt has a fast temperature rise alert so if the ambient temperature rises too quickly (e.g. more than 5 degrees in 3 minutes) then it will send a text message alert.

No installation, just plug and play. Up to 3 users can receive power loss / temperature alerts.

Envirotxt is a new innovative GSM (mobile network) device that monitors temperature and power loss. It has a built in temperature sensor which can alert at pre-programmed user defined thresholds from -10 degrees to +50 degrees. Envirotxt uses a SIM card to send text message alerts through the mobile network, it can use any SIM card on any network (except digital only networks such as Three) and it has a quad band GSM module so it can be used in almost all countries around the world (4 Versions available UK, EU, AUS, US).

Envirotxt is an easy, simple and low cost way to get instant temperature alerts and instant power loss alerts. It features user programmable alerts/alarms that can be configured to generate an alert if a certain condition is met. It has one master user who has full control of all its functions and 2 additional mobile numbers can also be programmed to receive the power loss and temperature text message alerts as well. The internal temperature sensor can work from -10 degrees to +50 degrees and there are two time zones for the temperature alerts, so different temperatures can be set for day and night for example.

Envirotxt also includes an additional plug in temperature sensor with 1m cable so it can send additional temperature alerts for specific areas.

(For easy control of many devices optional SMS Management software "EstateView" is available, ask for details).


  • Input 110v-230v
  • UK/EU/AUS/US Versions Available CE Compliant
  • Automatic time and date synchronisation
  • Operating temperature -100C to +500C
  • Relative Humidity 10-90%, without condensation
  • GSM Band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

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