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Vetus Waste Water Level Gauge 63mm

VETUS boat instruments offer a number of key benefits over other brands:

Key Features

  • High degree of accuracy: Each instrument is tested and calibrated individually.
  • Reliability and longevity: Very low maintenance.
  • Smart illumination: Translucent dials, illuminated from below.
  • Double glazed: Prevents condensation as far as possible.
  • Supplied with: Two round bezels as standard: one black, one chrome finish black dial, grey and chrome cream dial. See images

Can be provided with an interface (code EP412326), suitable for 12 and 24 V installations. A warning light can be connected to this interface, which will then indicate when the holding tank is almost full and that it is better not to use the toilet. 

Techy Bits

  • Reading: Waste - Markings for Low, High, Full.
  • Dial Colour: Black or Cream
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Height: 10 mm. 
  • Overall diameter: 63 mm.
  • Cut-out diameter: 52 mm.


  • Waste Water Gauge 12V Black
  • Waste Water Gauge 24V Black
  • Waste Water Gauge 12V Cream
  • Waste Water Gauge 24V Cream

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