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Wempe Nautik Series Thermometer/Hygrometer Combination 120mm - Chrome White Face

When it comes to forecasting weather, the 120mm large WEMPE thermometer/hygrometer combination of the NAUTICAL Series does an honourable job. It measures the relative humidity level - a high level suggests upcoming fog. This instrument has been used at sea for more than 200 years. The thermometer is another marine instrument with long-standing tradition. It shows temperature in °C and °F on a white 78 mm clock face.

The WEMPE NAUTICAL thermometer/hygrometer combination is available in three different types. You have the choice between three housing types: brass or chrome plated (both high-gloss polished) and matt nickel plated. The chrome plated instruments are also available with black clock face.

Instrument: Thermometer, Hygrometer
Size of clock face: White clock face with black numerals
Material: Brass
Scale: Temperature in °C/°F, Humidity level in %
Hygrometer - Accuracy: +/- 3% between 40 - 90 %'
Hygrometer - Humidity sensor: Synthetic fibre
Hygrometer - Measuring range: 0 to 100 %
Hygrometer - Range of operating temperature: -10 to +50 °C'
Thermometer - Accuracy: +/- 1°C between -10°C to +50°C'
Thermometer - Temperature sensor: Bi-metal

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