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Seajet 015 Underwater Primer - 750ml/2.5 Litre

This primer is for below water-line areas only and should be used as a barrier coat prior to antifouling if the previous coating is un-known. 011 Underwater Primer contains aluminium making it relatively impermeable against moisture. Good coverage and quick drying.


Key Features

  • Recommended for : Binder coat for old antifouling. Primer for antifouling.
  • Main Benefits : Quick drying. Excellent adhesion to existing antifouling and subsequent coats. Good sea water resistance.
  • Most suitable for fibreglass and ferrocement: Very suitable
  • Most suitable for wood : Very suitable
  • Most suitable for aluminium : Yes
  • Most suitable for steel : Suitable
  • Most suitable for osmosis protection : No
  • Most suitable for propellers, stern gear etc : Suitable
  • Most suitable for cast iron, steel and lead keels : Suitable
  • Colours : Silver
  • Coverage Rate : 7.5m2/Lt
  • Pack Size : 750ml & 2.5L


  • Underwater Primer 750ml
  • Underwater Primer 2.5L


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