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January 05, 2019

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New 2019 Season

Firstly lets start by saying Happy New Year to all our customers, and thankyou for your orders and support during 2018. With the exceptional summer that had us flat out keeping those orders leaving our premises, and for our customers who after many years of indifferent Summers had something to enjoy. Lets hope for more of the same this year.

So you have put the Christmas decorations safely away, what next ? Yes you have a boat somewhere hopefully, or you are thinking of getting one. Well thats where the Wetworks comes in, with over 40 years of experience in this market place we can hopefully help you get the best from your waterborne craft. For the new participants to this leisure we can help you make the right decision and get the best from your vessel. It cost nothing to ask, and we don't pester you with daily emails. Thats not our style.

So you have found your boat, under a cover or in a shed, even better, or perhaps it's still on the water. The important thing is to keep the inside dry. So a dehumidifier in conjunction with some form of heat to get the ambient temperature up. This combination will help keep the inside dry and stop the build up of condensation. Best to remove all your cushion outers and bedding as they will retain moisture. Drain down all water systems to prevent burst pipes. Don't forget the toilet, as the base will have water in it and if that freezes it can split the plastic. Most have a drain point on the base.

Antifreeze is well worth checking for the engine, and a good water resistant spray won't go a miss either. Add some Diesel Bug additive to the tank, this stops all those nasty diesel bugs building up, due to the condensation that happens when the fuel is not used for a while. Good time to check all your ball valves and make sure they are working okay. Check all hoses for sign of wear, especially gas hoses that are normally dated. If in doubt replace, they don't cost a lot, and if you need to shut it off you need to do it without a fight. 

Check all your bilge pumps both manual and electric and make sure they are clean with no foreign bodies lurking. Float switches need to be free moving especially the float style. Toilets, maybe a good time to service them.

Make sure that all items inside lockers, both inside and out are dry and any liferafts are checked perhaps for a service. 

Most of the suggestions or products made are available on the website, if unsure drop us an email or give us a call, i promise we don't bite.

Hopefully thats enough to be getting on with for now, and we will try and present one of these a month.

Happy 2019 Season

The Wetworks Team




December 22, 2017

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Find out what this years's top 3 Christmas gifts have been

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October 24, 2017

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Winter Sailing?

Blokarting - our new toy - coming to a Wetworks Store soon!

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August 31, 2017

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Swallows and amazons...

Now this is what owning a paddleboard is all about.....
August 31, 2017

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Lazy Days of Summer

The 31st of August, sun shining here in Burnham On Crouch and the river in readiness for the Burnham Week racing this afternoon (if the wind fills in). In the meantime we see several paddle boarders making the most of the weather and the most glorious flat water - Joy.

And the forecast for September is looking pretty good too. Got yours yet?

Burnham Week 2017 - 125 years

This August Burnham on Crouch will be running the annual Burnham Week Regatta. 

The event will be celebrating it's 125th year of high level river racing attracting some 200 entrants made up of many different classes. As you can see by the pictures below, the week has a fantastic buzz both on and off the water.

Burnham is the home of the Champions of Champions race, The Endeavour, where all of the National Champions from most of the dinghy classes compete against each other in the same class of boat. Why am I telling you this? because...if all the champions come here to race it must mean it's pretty good - so why not come and see if you can snatch some of the priceless trophies in these challenging waters.

The town is blessed with more clubs, pubs and restaurants than your average and all of them are of a great standard. Oh yes, and while you're here, come and visit us at the Sail Loft.

I have posted this early as I know many of you wish to plan your year, indeed for some it will be very late - so come on get on line and join in, it promises to be a tremendous week.

Get on to www.burnhamweek.com to find out more.


November 18, 2016

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METS Marine Trade Show Amsterdam November 15th - 17th

Well that was exhausting, the things we do for our customers. Both Mick & myself are exhausted trudging the Rai Exhibition Halls looking for new and exciting products that we hope to make available for sale as soon is humanly possible.

The star of the show we felt was the "Sea Tag" which is a wristband worn super cool Man Overboard Device, and yes we know that this is yet another MOB but the major difference is it has no buttons to accidentally press. It 'Bluetooths" to your mobile via an App and once it has been activated it will show the Latitude/Longtitude and Course to Steer. Its that simple. We will get this product on the website as soon as we get confirmed price and availability. Watch this space.

Other items that we liked were the Rotating Dinghy Davit, ideal for all Boats that want to store there Inflatable Dinghy but space etc limits. This product won't disappoint. The Ecoblast Pro, most of you may have the standard pumped Ecoblast, but for those who might want something louder well this will do the job. the very cool WoW SounD Waterproof Music Speaker system, 360°Sound with  4 x 50mm Speakers, Bluetooth, 360° LED Light, fits in most cup holders, 50 + Hours plus playtime.  Will float with supplied speaker float, Orange colour.

So keep a look out on our Front Banner Page for these products, as usual rely on the Wetworks to get these products to you first.

The Wetworks



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