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Marine Sourcing - our main service area: +44 (01621 786413

When fitting out, running maintenance, making ready for the season or a particular trip/adventure - or simply expanding your equipment; we know it can be very frustrating having to spend time scouring the web identifying all of those separate products and services.

How often have you bought one item only to find that you needed something else to make the first work - and the sites don't explain that!

The Wet Works main client base are people who simply want to call someone and discuss their requirements. Our clients tend to provide a list of items that they are looking for and we go out and find the best products at the best value ensuring that all link products are identified and removing those you don't need.

Boat owners very rarely buy one item at a time. When thinking about sorting the boat out, do you buy for just one section of the boat, a fender at a time, or do you need to buy the line, the sock, the rail clips, new mooring lines - oh and while I'm on I need a winch cleaning kit, a toilet cleanser and some deck polish. If you are anything like us, that is how it tends to work.

Put yourself in our hands and we will become your 'boat butler' as such and help you get the best return on your spend ensuring that you get the best advice possible. If there is an area we don't immediately know about - we for sure know someone who does.

We want to become your trusted marine partner on a long term basis. Let's face it most of us do not have the time to sit for hours sorting out all of the bits - call us on +44 (0) 1621 786413 and let us help.

See you on the Water

P.S. Keep an eye on our offers section and ask about our education/marine services provision - The Wetworks Way when you call.