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Actisense EMU-1 Engine Monitoring Unit

The Actisense EMU-1 is a specialised analogue to NMEA 2000 Gateway which converts data from analogue engine gauges/senders into NMEA 2000 data. Please refer to the FAQs for gauge/sender compatibility details. .

New features and updates will be added to the Configuration Tool on a regular basis. Please check you are using the latest Configuration Tool and Firmware version by going to the Downloads page.

Key Features

  • Enables analogue signals to be converted to NMEA 2000 messages.
  • Six gauge/parameter inputs.
  • Four alarm inputs.
  • Two Tach inputs.
  • Two additional auxiliary inputs which are flexible to suit the installation.
  • Total engine hours are logged by the monitoring of engine Tach (RPM) input.

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