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Actisense NDC-4 USB-AIS NMEA 0183 Multiplexer - USB-AIS preconfigured

Flexible and powerful enough to be the heart of a simple system, or one of many Actisense products in a more complex system.

The Actisense NDC-4 allows up to five NMEA 0183 sources to be multiplexed into a single stream*.

Two flexible ISO-Drive outputs allow two different downstream talker baud rates to be created, ensuring maximum system flexibility.

It provides complete access to all NMEA 0183 data sources, configurable filters to remove unwanted data using NDC Control Centre, as well as enabling an on-board PC to read and add the combined data stream.

Factory preconfigured versions enable the NDC-4 to be used out of the box for AIS operation (NDC-4-AIS). An ‘auto switch’ option is also available (NDC-4-ASW) to provide redundancy options to your NMEA 0183 network.

*Four inputs on the USB version, as the USB interface acts as the fifth channel, overriding the fifth OPTO input.

Key Features

  • Multiplex up to four NMEA 0183 devices.
  • Filter unwanted data.
  • Four Opto inputs.
  • Two ISO-Drive outputs.
  • Intelligent multiplexing software rules.
  • Configurable baud rates and port priorities.
  • PC configuration software.
  • USB PC interfacing with optional USB Kit.
  • AIS compatible.

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