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Actisense SBN-2 Small Boat Starter Kit NMEA 2000

Connect up to eight NMEA 2000® devices using the SBN-2. With the equivalent of eight T-pieces in a single case, you’re provided with a significant time and space-saving solution, no longer needing to connect multiple T-pieces together.

Termination resistors are also built-in, which increases the saving on time and space. Once the attached 3 metre cable is connected to the boat’s power supply, your NMEA 2000® network for up to eight devices is ready to use, taking ‘plug & play’ to the next level.

Previously you would have needed the following items for a network with 8 drops:

2x  A2K-TER Micro terminator

1 x A2K-MPT-1

2 x  A2K-4WT Micro 4-way T piece

Therefore the SBN-2 not only saves time but also money too!

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