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Airmar IDT800 235k P617V-12 Device Net 6m 5m

Airmar has taken its Tilt Element and Broadband technologies and applied them to its line of smart sensors. The DT800 is a low profile, retractable, thru-hull sensor that calculates accurate depth data and temperature and sends it to a NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000. The DT800 operates at a frequency of 235 kHz and can operate simultaneously with either Other Airmar 50/200 transducers kHz transducers on board without interference. The broadband ceramic offers depth readings at 183 m, as well as shallow water readings accurate to such as 500 mm. Available with a Tilt of 0 °, 12 ° or 20 °, the DT800 is perfect for motor yacht and sailboat applications. It is sold with a choice of plastic hull, bronze or stainless steel to accommodate any type of vessel or hull material. The Airmar sensors have integrated microelectronics transducer and signal processor are only millimeters outside. The signal from the depth sensor is processed inside the sensor itself. All that is needed to receive depth and temperature data is a single cable in a compatible device or display. Because the ceramic is tilted inside the housing, the probe beam is oriented directly downward, resulting in high background echo efficiencies and accurate depth readings. The retractable housing with self-closing valve reduces the flow of water into the container when the transducer is removed for cleaning.

Key Features

  • Functions: Depth and temperature.
  • Frequency: 235 kHz.
  • NMEA0183 connector.
  • Mounting: Crossing.
  • 10 meter cable.
  • Optional Tilted-Element Broadband-ceramic versions available in a 0 ° or 12 ° inclination angle or 20 °.
  • Available in NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000.
  • Cable lengths up to 100 m (330 ') are possible without loss of performance NMEA 0183 only.
  • Plastic or bronze or stainless steel or housings available.
  • Update data rate: 1 per second.

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