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Alfatronix CONVERTOR DD Series 12Vdc -12Vdc 72W continuous current

Alfatronix DDI12-12 072 Converter DC to DC Multi Selection - 12VDC to 12VDC 6A Continuous 8A IntermittentIf you need to stabilise your voltage or isolate your supply, then the DDi Series of 12V-12V and 24V-24V Isolators will suffice.The DDi Series uses modern switchmode designs and are built using the same manufacturing concepts and technologies as the successful PowerVerter range which will of course meet your 24V-12V requirements.The unit consumes an off load current of less than 100mA, which is probably less than the self discharge current of the vehicle’s battery. The unit can be mounted on uneven surfaces thanks to the ‘Click ‘n’ fit’ mounting clip which is fixed in three points. It is easy to fit the clip into awkward places, then simply click the unit into position.A red LED indicates when there is output from the converter. This gives reassurance to the installation engineer and speeds fault finding.Features:Provides a stable output voltage as well as providing galvanic isolation for a variety of application.12VDC Input12VDC Output6A Continuous 8A Intermittent72W Capacity Unit.

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