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Alfatronix ICi Series Intelligent Battery Charger 24Vdc - 24 Vdc 144w

The Alfatronix DC-DC intelligent charger is designed to charge the secondary DC battery from the primary source and are also configured to offer a four stage charging programme that ensures batteries are charged to the maximum capacity providing long-term reliable power. This product comes with safety and protection features, and are also designed to detect faulty batteries and dead cells. They also ensure that the charger will not operate unless the source battery is connected to a charging source such as a vehicle alternator or mains unit. Ensures that the charger will not allow unintentional draining of the source battery.


  • Input / Output voltage range: 12vdc-12vdc at 6 Amps Configured to prevent depletion of source battery.
  • Operating temperature: -25゚C to +30゚C to meet this specification table +30゚C to +80゚C de rate linearly to 0A.
  • Storage temperature: -25゚C to +100゚C.
  • Casework: Anodised aluminium, glass filled polycarbonate, dust water and impact resistance to IP53 .
  • Connections: Five 6.3 mm push on flat blade connectors.

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