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Alfatronix PSU 240/168 Vac 24VDC

Alfatronix AD24168 Converter AC to DC - 85-135 VAC & 170-265 VAC to 24VDC - 168W Continuous - The AD Series units may be used to supply mobile radios and other appliances from AC mains used in offices, portable site cabins, communication cabins, ships, etc. The units will accept either European 230Vac or US 115Vac inputs and are available as standard in 12V, 24V and 48V dc output configurations. Input is via a standard IEC-320 C13/14 power cord with UK mains plug. These brick in the lead units are housed in a rugged, corrosion resistant anodized aluminium extrusion with excellent resistance to shock and vibration, thus further increasing reliability. A green LED indicates when there is output from the converter. The A 3-point T shaped mounting clip, common to many Alfatronix products, allows the power supplies to be installed quickly and simply in many out of the way locations, such as underneath desks or on walls. AD Series power supplies can also be fitted with DIN rail clips for rack mounted applications.

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