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Alfatronix Wireless Charger

The Alfacharge range has been designed to meet the rigorous standards required for on board commercial vehicle applications including EN50498, ISO7637-2 and is both CE and E marked (Reg10). The casings are made from V0 rated (self extinguishing) high impact polycarbonate and the PCB is populated by computer controlled SMT for maximum accuracy and durability

Wireless charging is becoming more and more the preferred method of maintaining battery power in mobile telephones with most of the latest designs from the major manufacturers including this feature as standard. The wireless receiver of the charging unit will automatically detect the presence of suitably enabled mobile phones and will typically charge through the phone case up to 3.0mm thick.

Typical installations are into table tops. An 80.0mm hole is required in the table and the unit is then installed through the table and secured underneath providing an
unobtrusive and functional enhancement of the passenger experience. These units make a complimentary addition to the AL1 integrated charger modules and can be installed at vehicle build stage or as part of a retrofit activity as require

Key Features

  • Accepts both 12Vdc and 24Vdc.
  • Approved to EN50498 and ISO7637-2. E marked (Reg10) and CE marked.
  • Phone communicates every millisecond to establish correct charge.
  • 2A internal fuse to protect against catastrophic failure.
  • Foreign object detection & activation.
  • Convenient wide input of 9-32Vdc in one standard casing.
  • LED to confirm correct operation


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