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Allen 30mm Double High Load Stainless Steel Sheave Block

30mm Double High Load Stainless Steel Sheave Block

For reducing friction in any purchase system or using in a high static load application which still needs to be dynamic, such as a rig tension system. Featuring Allen's high load stainless steel sheave & dynamic bearing system to withstand extreme loads.

Allen High Load Blocks fit between the standard dynamic range and the XHL range featuring a stainless-steel sheave which runs on a double race of stainless-steel ball bearings. By utilising a stainless-steel sheave with a slight V shape profile, the Allen High Load range offers the ability to be paired with both wire and Dyneema®. This design also reduces deformation of the sheave under high static loads. These combinations result in less friction, higher working loads, better performance and durability in comparison with acetal sheave versions.

Key Features

  • High load stainless steel sheave
  • Inner dynamic bearing system with stainless steel balls
  • Line friendly soft contours and articulation
  • Stainless steel cheeks
  • Central hole for tie-on becket


  • See attached image

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