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Allen Ball Line Stoppers - 4 Sizes - 8 Colours

Allen Ball Line Stoppers for all Rope & Shockcord


  • Small Ball: Line Diameter Up to 4mm, Diameter 13mm
  • Medium Ball: Line Diameter Up to 5mm, Diameter 19mm
  • Large Ball: Line Diameter Up to 7mm, Diameter 25m
  • Extra Large Ball: Line Diameter Up to 4mm, Diameter 31mm

Size & Colour

  • Small Ball Stopper Black
  • Small Ball Stopper Blue
  • Small Ball Stopper Green
  • Small Ball Stopper Grey
  • Small Ball Stopper Purple
  • Small Ball Stopper Red
  • Small Ball Stopper White
  • Small Ball Stopper Yellow
  • Medium Ball Stopper Black
  • Medium Ball Stopper Blue
  • Medium Ball Stopper Green
  • Medium Ball Stopper Grey
  • Medium Ball Stopper Purple
  • Medium Ball Stopper Red
  • Medium Ball Stopper White
  • Medium Ball Stopper Yellow
  • Large Ball Stopper Black
  • Large Ball Stopper Blue
  • Large Ball Stopper Green
  • Large Ball Stopper Grey
  • Large Ball Stopper Purple
  • Large Ball Stopper Red
  • Large Ball Stopper White
  • Large Ball Stopper Yellow
  • Extra Large Ball Stopper Black
  • Extra Large Ball Stopper Blue
  • Extra Large Ball Stopper Green
  • Extra Large Ball Stopper Grey
  • Extra Large Ball Stopper Purple
  • Extra Large Ball Stopper Red
  • Extra Large Ball Stopper White
  • Extra Large Ball Stopper Yellow

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