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Allen Dynamic 60mm Quint Mainsheet System

Combine the engineering quality of Allen Dynamic Ball Bearing blocks with 60mm sheaves and a 10:1 purchase and you have the ultimate mainsheet control system for fast catamarans. Developed on foiling cats such as Nacra 17 and A Class by Team Allen sailors used on race winning boats in National and European F18 events.
The lower block features a switchable ratchet block to reduce fatigue and a cam cleat and fairlead for accurate cleating and easing under load.
The system gives the performance catamaran sailors need.
  • Shackle Pin Diameter: 6 mm
  • Line Diameter: 5 - 12 mm
  • Sheave Diameter: 60 mm
  • Breaking Strain: 1,250 Kg
  • AL-2069 & AL-2169 combined

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