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Allen Pivoting Mast Step/Heel - 5 Variants

This pivoting mast step is designed for dinghies or small keelboats that have easily adjustable rigging while sailing. By allowing the mast heel to pivot it reduces loading points in the deck of the boat and spreads the forces more evenly. Having a pivoting mast step also allows for a consistent mast bend profile resulting in more accurate rig setup. CNC machined from 6082 Aluminium, anodised black.

* Mast step only. Mast heel is available separately to suit your mast diameter.

Specification & Dimensions

  • See attached image


  • Pivoting Mast Step Length 90mm Width 45mm
  • Pivoting Mast Heel Length 77mm Width 37mm
  • Pivoting Mast Heel Length 77mm Width 41mm
  • Pivoting Mast Heel Length 78mm Width 46mm
  • Pivoting Mast Heel Adaptor Length 32mm Width 60mm

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