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Aluminium Watertight Hatches - 3 Colours -4 Sizes

Aluminium Watertight Hatch which can be walked on, unlike most plastic variants.
Available in four sizes:
370mm x 270mm (cut out sizes: 306mm x 206mm)
600mm x 350mm (cut out size: 537mm x 286mm)
460mm x 510mm (cut out size: 446mm x 393mm) 
743mm x 578mm (cut out size: 680mm x 516mm)
 Available in three colours: Black, Grey or White
Extremely Strong Walk on & Watertight Oven Baked Aluminium Hatches
** Made to Order, allow 4 weeks delivery **

Models, Colours & Sizes

  • White Hatch 370mm x 270mm 
  • White Hatch 600mm x 350mm
  • White Hatch 460mm x 510mm
  • White Hatch 743mm x 578mm
  • Grey Hatch 370mm x 270mm 
  • Grey Hatch 600mm x 350mm
  • Grey Hatch 460mm x 510mm
  • Grey Hatch 743mm x 578mm
  • Black Hatch 370mm x 270mm 
  • Black Hatch 600mm x 350mm
  • Black Hatch 460mm x 510mm
  • Black Hatch 743mm x 578mm
Please note these hatches are made to order - 4 weeks delivery approx

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