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Andersen Winch Grease - 75 Grams

It's important to use the correct Grease when servicing your winches. We recommend you use the Brand of your supplier. If thats not available then most other brands should do the job

We strongly recommend using ANDERSEN Winch Grease when lubricating your winch. Highly water resistant, it is a specially formulated high-quality grease product made using silicone/Teflon® for smooth and reliable winch operation.

In normal recreational use, we recommend cleaning, greasing and inspection of all moving parts every 2 years for extending winch life. Under extensive use, such as racing, charter or blue water sailing, we recommend more regular maintenance procedures; at least once every year.

WARNING: Most other types of grease, including “marine grease,” are not suitable for lubrication of ANDERSEN winches. Non-suitable grease products can cause winch malfunction that could result in serious injury.

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