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Barton Removable Mainsheet Track System Kit - Suitable for Yachts up to 11m (36 ft)

The removable mainsheet track system, which is ideally suited for all yachts up to 11.0m (36ft). This adaptable mainsheet track system is designed to span between the cockpit seats when sailing but is easily removed to ensure cockpit space is not compromised when you want to relax on board. A perfect solution for converting modern coach roof mainsheet sheeting systems to one that is within reach of the helmsman, offering greater sail control and safety. The removable track system is available in 2 sizes and can be used on yachts up to a maximum of 11.0m (36ft). The track has a maximum unsupported length of up to 700mm (28in). It can be attached and removed in seconds and uses Barton’s beam section track.
Barton Marine’s removable track system is simple to install. End plates are bolted on either side of the cockpit on the cockpit wall. Slide the track under these plates and then lift vertically, which automatically locks in position. To remove the mainsheet track, simply push in the locking pins on each side, lower the track and slide it out of the way.
Complete removable mainsheet track system kits
The maximum un-supported span of the beam track is 
Size 1 = 400mm for yachts up to 8.5m (28ft) 
Size 2 = 700mm for yachts up to 11.0m (36ft) 
(Size 2 = 900mm for yachts up to 9.75m (32ft)) 
A pelican hook assembly mid track connected to a floor mounted pad eye doubles the unsupported length
  • See attached image 
Whats in the Box
  • Size 2 beam track 1m length 
  • 1 pr removable mainsheet track plates 
  • 4:1 traveller system with cleats on the traveller

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