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BEP Gas Detector c/w 1 Sensor & Solenoid Output

The BEP™ Detectors use microprocessor control to ensure correct sensor sensitivity. The Detectors have the capability to control two sensors which detect both LPG and Petrol, with visual and audible alarms.

Key Features

  • Dual sensors for LPG and Petrol
  • Visual and audible alarms; provision for external alarm
  • Automatic shut-off solenoid control with pulse and hold circuit for low power draw (600-GDL only)
  • Self-testing
  • Provision of bilge blower
  • 67 x 88 x 17mm (2.4" x 3.5" x 0.7" )

600-GDL has the same features as the 600-GD, with the ability to switch a valve on. It contains a unique “Pulse & Hold” circuit within the detector. This allows the valve to be pulled in at 12V and then once energized it will step down to hold the valve in place. This reduces power consumption and heat while the gas is turned on.


  • See attached image

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