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Blokart Pro V3 4.0m complete with Sail, Mast & Carrybag - 4 Sail Colours

Looking for an adrenalin rush, well look no further than this bit of fun. Land base sailing without getting wet, go on what you waiting for, you only live once !!!

Great Winter Sport, fastest growing land based sport. Full World Championship in action.

Designed in New Zealand

If you want nothing but the best, the blokart Pro is for you. With polished stainless steel chassis, keeping maintenance to a minimum, this machine is a show stopper.The blokart Pro 4.0m comes with a 4.0m sail, a glass mast, high spec. stainless steel fittings and a brushed finish floor pan. The blokart Pro model is 100% polished stainless steel, perfect for those humid / wet riding areas like sandy beaches. Stainless steel is corrosion and rust resistant making it ideal for sailing on the beach and other harsh environments. The polished stainless steel is also sleek and shiny.

Blokart is the original fun, fast, compact land sailor that is taking the world by storm! Whether for fun with the whole family, the adrenalin rush when sailing in strong wind or the action of competition, Blokart offers it all - a one stop shop and one of the most interactive adrenalin sports on the planet! blokart has developed into a culture with an international community of like minded enthusiasts who travel the globe with their kart chasing the wind and friends. Blokart ... serious fun!

Because of its small size and extreme manoeuverability the blokart® can be used almost anywhere – from beaches to parking lots, sport and recreation grounds, tennis courts and even on ice

Every Blokart comes in an awesome ready to sail compact package, allowing you to disassemble the boat into a very easy to haul rugged padded carrying case. This makes Blokart the easiest land yacht to transport to your favorite riding spot. Your Blokart sets up in less than 5 minutes without the need of any tools! Carrying case is included and even converts from a carrying case to a handy rolling pack by using the wheels of the Blokart. The pack is so small that it will fit into the trunk of most vehicles or in the back seat. You no longer need a big truck or tow a trailer to go sailing!

Every kart comes in its own carry bag, measuring 0.78 by 1.18 meters. The entire Blokart packs down for storage and easy transport.

Key Features
  • Age: 9+
  • Level: Beginner- expert
  • Mast: fibreglass
  • Sail: 4.0m
  • Material: 100% stainless steel
  • Blokart Pro V3 4.0m complete with Blue Sail, Mast & Carrybag
  • Blokart Pro V3 4.0m complete with Black Sail, Mast & Carrybag
  • Blokart Pro V3 4.0m complete with Red Sail, Mast & Carrybag
  • Blokart Pro V3 4.0m complete with Orange Sail, Mast & Carrybag

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