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Blokart Sail Complete 3.0m - 4 Colours

A great sail for a strong breeze. The latest design includes additional strengthening and finger battens to stiffen the leach and extend the life of the sail. Add the strengthened downhaul eyelet and mast sleeve and this is one tough sail.


  • Adults (60-80kg): 15-25 knots
  • Children (30-50kg): 10-15 knots
  • Includes battens, boom, sheet pulley whip
  • Sail: Mono film/Mylar
  • Battens: Glass fiber


  • Blokart Sail Complete 3.0m Black
  • Blokart Sail Complete 3.0m Blue
  • Blokart Sail Complete 3.0m Orange 
  • Blokart Sail Complete 3.0m Red

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