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BlueFusion Flexible Marine Grade A+ Solar Panels - 20W, 40W & 60W

SunPower Grade A+
  • Manufactured from High Efficiency Monocrystalline cells by SunPower Corp., USA.
Built for Marine Environments
  • Tough ETFE coating provides high resistance to saltwater environments and longer lifespan.
  • Anti-slip indented surface coating can withstand stepping on with soft deck shoes.
  • Excellent low light capabilities, with inbuilt diodes to prevent hot spots from partial shading.
  • Off-grid applications on Boats, Yacht, Marine Buoys, Camper vans, Electric Golf Buggy, Residential and off-grid, and street solar lighting applications.

Premium Mono Panels

  • Monocrystalline cells with high conversion efficiency up to 17.78%.
  • Uniform ergonomic appearance of monocrystalline cells.Higher light transmittance of 93%.
  • 82% lighter than other solar modules.
  • 3mm thin panels, with low profile junction box in front.
Easy Installation
  • Can be fixed on curved surfaces up to 30 degrees.
  • Use a bonding agent, or screw down using pre-drilled holes

Electrical Characteristics

  • See attached image

Panel specification

  • See attached image


  • 1 Year product Warranty
  • More than 5 Year Lifetime

Caution. Do not exceed stated curvature ratio on panel to prevent damage. The panels have an indented anti-slip surface and can withstand accidental stepping on using soft deck shoes if installed on an underlying rigid deck structure. They are not designed to withstand full weight of a person.

Solar panels produce electricity and can lead to electrical shock and injury. All electrical installation should be carried out by a competent person to comply with UK building regulations.


  • BlueFusion Flexible Marine Grade A+ Solar Panels 20W
  • BlueFusion Flexible Marine Grade A+ Solar Panels 40W
  • BlueFusion Flexible Marine Grade A+ Solar Panels 60W


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