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Boaties Baking Pan


Designed to fit recreational stoves which are normally compact with limited oven space.The rectangular shape gives maximum cooking area and volume for minimum top and oven space. Dishes can be prepared on the stove top and transferred to the oven for cooking

The pan is made of heavy-gauge aluminium, to give good heat transfer and even cooking temperature right into the corners. The inside of the pan is finished with two layers of high quality non-stick coating to. The exterior is a cheerful red silicon paint.

The easily detachable handle has an soft Silicon grip and fits into a strongly riveted bracket. It is compact to minimise the overhang from the stove.

Key Features

  • Designed for one-handed use making real from the oven easier
  • Compact Detachable Handle is always cold when used and stows away neatly in the pan
  • Oven and Stove Top use
  • Heavy Gauge Aluminium gives an even and stable heat transfer
  • Double Coated Non-Stick surface ensures a long pan life

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