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Bravo GE 230-2000 240V Electric Inflatable Pump - Max 7.3psi - In Stock

Bravo 2000 consists of a main motor and a supplementary booster motor, which increases the capacity and pressure. The two motors can run simultaneously to obtain maximum capacity and pressure or just the main motor.Press the orange button for the main motor and if necessary the red button that switches on the booster to obtain maximum performance.
Both motors are protected by thermal-amperic fuses
Comes with a Euro two pin plug, we supply it with a  a UK 3 PinAdaptor if required

Techy Bits

  • Output is 1800 litres per min (main motor)
  • Output is 2500 litres per min (booster motor)
  • Provides up to 230 mbar (3.3PSI) main motor
  • Provides up to 500 mbar (7.3PSI) booster motor 
  • Power is 1000 Watts Main Motor, 2000 Watts Booster MotorAvailable in 240 Volt, 120V version available to special order.
  • 25mm ID Hose
  • Sizes: 35cm x 18cm x 27cm Weight: 4.5KG

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