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Bravo Turbomax Console Mounting Inflator 24V - Max 3.6psi

Bravo Turbo Max inc Console Kit allows a neat and tidy inflatable pump that is easy to access and still looks good, without having to access a separate pump and its it wires. Great in RIBS and any boat where an inflatable is inflated & deflated all the time.

Turbo Max Air Station Console Mount Inflator is a large capacity inflator which can inflate a 7M Rib in approx 7 minutes and has a capacity of 1000L/min max pressure is 3.6psi.Pressure can be regulated up to 3.6psi with automatic shut off, equipped with two powerful motors mounted on an aluminium plate to disperse heat.

Whats in the Box

  • Bravo Turbo Max Console Pump
  • Screws
  • Bracket
  • Inflation Adaptors
  • Power Cable 0.5M long with a 100 Amp Connector

Hose is not included, so Turbo Max Console Kit Hose & Fittings is required part nos 502244 ( this come with all connectors & 2.8M hose)

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