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Clik Gold Radio Remote Controlled Self-Flooding Buoy for Retrieval of the Mooring Line ((lazy line)

Clik buoy with Mhook retrieve system (boat hook), 12V haul-in control to be glued to the hull, double radio remote control, stanchion support, counterweight

Clik retrieves the mooring lines on the bow without making the lazy line run manually from one side of the boat to the other: mooring operations are simpler, faster and safer. This system doesn’t interfere with boats in transit and doesn’t touch the propellers since it doesn’t float: this buoy, fastened to an end of the lazy line, sinks along with the mooring lines when they’re released and is retrieved to surface by a radio remote control installed on the boat (GOLD version) or integrated into the MHOOK-e boat hook (GOLD Easy version). A self-winding strap housed inside the system connects to the lazy line by means of a buckle and unwinds to get back to surface. A magnetic device located on the MHOOK or MHOOK-e boat hook attracts the buoy and makes retrieval very simple. Once CLIK raised and the strap retrieved, the line will be ready for mooring. CLIK needs no battery charger since it is fitted with 4 high-efficiency solar cells. It also has a dusk sensor that activates its LED light in case of use at night. CLIK is international patent pending and is 100% made in Italy.

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