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Comar CSB 200 Class B AIS Transponder

The CSB 200 is a low cost AIS Class B Transponder, designed specifically for the small commercial boat, fishing boat and leisure markets. It meets the Class B standard that allows vessels that are not required to fit Class A units to voluntarily fit an AIS transponder.

The CSB 200 is a compact self contained unit which, when connected to an external VHF and GPS antenna, will transmit its own vessels position and data, and also receive information from other AIS vessels, shore stations and navigational aids within VHF range. The unit is initially set up by the user, with the supplied program via a PC, with the vessels MMSI number, name, callsign, dimensions and type of vessel. Once programmed the unit will operate automatically as a stand alone unit receiving and transmitting AIS data. The CSB 200 is compatible with PC Navigation programs and Chart Plotters that are capable of accepting NMEA 0183 AIS sentences.

 Key Features

  • Automatic transmission of vessels own position, speed and heading to other vessels within VHF range.
  • A method of monitoring the position, speed and heading of other AIS vessels within VHF range.
  • The ability to plot the progress,changes in heading and speed of other AIS vessels on a PC or Chart Plotter.
  • Transmitter off facility to conserve power, or for covert use.
  • 12 Volts DC Power
  • 500mA Continuous, 6W Average
  • 9 Pin D Port, 2 Pin Power
  • Connectors VHF-BNC GPS-TNC
  • NMEA 0183 and RS232 38400 BAUD AND 4800 BAUD
  • Dimensions: 165(L) x 120(W) x 50(D) mm Weight: 600g
  • Mounting: Trunnion Bracket
  • Transmit Power : 1W-4W
  • Freq. 156.025 - 162.025 MHz
  • Channel Steps 25KHz
  • Sensivity -107dBM
  • Message Error Rate 20%
  • AdjacentChannel 70dB
  • IMD 65dB
  • Blocking 84dB
  • NMEA Output: VDM, VDO, RMC, ALM

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Type: ais

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