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CTEK MXS 0.8 6 Stage Battery Charger

The MXS0.8 is a 6 stage charger featuring a display enabling the user to follow the charging process.  The additional charging stages include Float, which maintains the battery at maximum charge in readiness for use for 10 days before switching to pulse charging on voltage decline.

 Key Features / Techy Stuff

  • 8 Amps 12V
  • 6 stage charging
  • Charge modes for large/small batteries
  • Charges batteries 1.2-32Ah and maintenance up to 100Ah
  • 5 year warranty
  • Desulphating - revives desulphated batteries
  • Bulk charge – maximum current
  • Absorption – current adaption ensures complete charge
  • Analysis – tests if charge is retained
  • Float – maximises capacity but switches to pulse mode for long term charging
  • Pulse – maintain battery on charge by pulse charging only when voltage drops
  •  Safe & User Friendly Features
  • Spark free
  • Short circuit proof
  • Reverse Polarity protected
  • Robust & Compact
  • Shorter Charging time than conventional chargers
  • You do not normally need to remove the battery from the boat when charging.
  • Efficient - connect for months gently preserving the battery with pulse maintenance.
  • Water resistant and approved for outdoor use
  • Intelligent multi-stage charging
  • Pulse charging revives dead and partially sulphonated batteries
  • Does not heat batteries
  • Minimises gas production
  • Extends battery life
  • Improves battery power

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