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CTEK MXS 5.0 8 Stage Battery Charger

The smallest unit  of the range. A mains powered 12V Battery Charger. The Multi MXS5.0 (5.0 Amps, 12V) a powerful multi-tasking charger with 8 stage electronic charging and a newly designed display to enable the user to follow the charging process.

Key Features

  • 0 Amps 12V
  • 8 Stage Charging
  • Three charge mode for small/larger/AGM batteries
  • Charges batteries between 1.2-110 Ah and maintains up to 160 Ah
  • 5 year warranty

 8 Stage Charging Key Features

  • Desulphating - revives desulphated batteries
  • “Soft Start” - tests whether the battery can accept charge
  • Bulk charge – maximum current Absorption – current adaption ensures complete charge
  • Analysis – tests if charge is retained
  • Recond – Optional high-voltage charge phase to recondition deep discharged batteries, reducing   acid stratification
  • Float – maximises capacity but switches to pulse mode for long term charging
  • Pulse – maintain battery on charge by pulse charging only when voltage drops

 Key Charger Features

  • Safe & User Friendly Features
  • Spark free
  • Short circuit proof
  • Reverse Polarity protected
  • Robust & Compact
  • Shorter Charging time than conventional chargers
  • You do not normally need to remove the battery from the boat when charging.
  • Efficient - connect for months gently preserving the battery with pulse maintenance.
  • Water resistant and approved for outdoor use
  • Intelligent multi-stage charging
  • Pulse charging revives dead and partially sulphonated batteries
  • Does not heat batteries
  • Minimises gas production
  • Extends battery life
  • Improves battery power

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